Who are you?

We are technology executives with an active CTO/Director/VP of Engineering title in the last three years. We’re your peers looking to mentor, inspire and lead each other.

What do you do?

The CTO Mentor Network is a virtual peer-to-peer network of Technology Executives. We chat through mailing lists, meet through Google Hangouts and share our experiences with others through wiki-based curriculum. We’re all at varying levels of company-size and years of experience.

What are the rules?

We’re self moderated and in true peer-to-peer mentorship fashion, moderated by our peers.

We self moderate based on the following guidelines:

    • Active participation (1+ times a month)
    • Be professional, polite and respectful in all interactions
    • No blatant advertising; No spamming; No head-hunting
    • No discussions regarding the pricing of your products. The CTO Mentor Network seeks to be in compliance with all anti-trust, price-fixing and federal laws.